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Welcome to The Stock Room! est. 2017

We run online auctions which end typically every second Sunday.

Items end, one at a time, in the order they are shown.

If you win, all items can be picked up at our Toronto warehouse (435 Horner Ave, Unit 2, Etobicoke). 

Qualified items can be shipped nationwide to Canada or the US, or couriered within the GTA.

Registration is free!

Shop safe and fun while scoring amazing deals!



- You can bid at any time once an auction is active.

- MOST of the action happens on the final day so it is best to watch the auction close live to ensure you don't miss out and to score some great deals on items that sell cheap.

- Much like a real auction, if a bid is placed on an item in the final 60 seconds, 60 seconds will be added to the end time.

- If you cant watch the auction as it ends, make sure to set your MAX BIDS on the items you are interested in. By setting your MAX BID, you enter the most you are willing to pay for the item, and our system automatically bids up to your MAX BID for you, much like eBay. Set your MAX BID on the item listing page. Set it and forget it!

- You can quickly bid on an item by one increment by clicking the QUICK BID button.

- You can keep track of the items you are interested in by adding them to your "Watch List", you can also bid from that page.


Completing Your Order

- Once all the items in an auction have closed, you will receive a combined invoice with all of your winnings! The invoice will contain checkout/pickup instructions.

- All sales are subject to applicable taxes for Canadian Buyers.

- There are no buyer's premiums.

- Once you get your invoice, kindly reply letting us know if you want to pickup your order, have it shipped, or have it couriered within the GTA.

- Pickup: pickup times need to be scheduled in advance so we can prepare your order and have it ready for you upon your arrival. 

- Shipping: Canada Post shipping is only available on qualified items. It will say "Shippable" on the item page if we are able to ship it. If you would like shipping, please reply to your invoice requesting the shipping cost. We will add the exact amount charged by Canada Post for your package to your invoice. Once you pay the invoice, you will receive a shipping notification with tracking. Shipping is free on orders of $200 CAD (PRE-TAX TOTAL) or more, assuming all items in the order are shippable.

- Courier: we can courier your order to within the GTA you for a minimum fee of $20 per order. All items can be couriered, except for those that say "PICKUP ONLY".

- Due to Covid-19, we encourage all payments to be made online, through the PayPal link on your invoice. You do not need a PayPal account to use this checkout, and it is extremely secure. Paying online will also ensure a quicker and safer pickup experience. If you can not pay online, we can accept one customer in at a time to pay within our premises. We accept all forms of payment.


30 Day Warranty

- Returns are not accepted but we do provide a 30 day warranty, protecting our customers against product malfunction on electronic or mechanical items. You are also covered by our warranty if we described the item incorrectly during our inspection. Returns are at the discretion of The Stock Room, and we take every measure to protect ourselves from return fraud. ALL SERIAL NUMBERS ARE RECORDED.

- There is a 10% restocking fee if you wish to cancel an item from your order.


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